What We Do

Pembrokeshire Baby Bank supports families in Pembrokeshire with anything from toiletries and nappies to bigger items like highchairs, cot beds and even bundles containing all the essentials for a new mum and baby from the birth and for the first few weeks.

We can also provide bundles of clothing for babies up to primary school aged children. Unfortunately, the number of requests for help we are receiving is increasing every week – often the requests are for the most basic essential items.

More than ever, we are finding that families who previously supported us are now turning to us for help themselves. Due to the energy and cost of living crises, and the financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, we know even more families are struggling. Many of these families could not have predicted the impact that a relationship breakdown, severe illness or job loss would have on them.

We work with professionals including social workers, health visitors, midwives, GPs, support agencies and many more to provide support to families who need our help.

We do not accept self referrals from parents or carers.  If you are suffering hardship, please ask your health professional or other support worker to submit a referral to us using our online form.